Single Color Vinyl

We use a standard grade 3MIL American Made thick vinyl that is UV resistant with a 5 year rating , pressure sensitive adhesive and comes in a wide variety of solid colors.

The website is currently setup to only change the text, font and color of the vinyl sticker/decal. If you would like to create something that is unique, please contact us for more information.

Any flat, nonporous surface will work for this application. Ideas include: car windows, home windows, mirrors, lockers, electronics, helmets, white boards…just to name a few!

Currently the single color decals and full come in 5 sizes: 5-10″ based on the longest side of the image (which includes any lettering). If there is a specific size or specifications that you need, please contact us first before ordering. The full color vinyl stickers run in sizes 2×2 up to 10×10 with the final image fitting inside that box size. Need something else please let us know!

Once the sticker/decal has been places on a surface, it can’t be moved. Please see our video on how to install or contact us if you have any questions before ordering.